Guy Buttery 7″ Postcard

For this review, I am returning to one of the first youtube guitarists that I introduced to the readers of this blog. The wonderful Mr Guy Buttery. In the first post I wrote about him, I spoke about the definite cinematic quality of both his guitar playing and unique songwriting abilities. He definitely kept up the skills with this video. After listening to this track I felt like it was the opening of a movie onto a calm landscape, where the main character is sat contemplating the world as it passes by. I felt very much that this is one of the most calming pieces of music that he has ever written. Definitely one of the most calming songs I have heard from his repertoire. Again being very impressed, this is a song I recommend to anyone who is interested in anything different from the norm and as relaxing as a summer breeze. I think we can expect great things in the future of this accomplished musician. The song itself also has an orchestral and atmospheric musical accompaniment that compliments the guitar playing with a great and strong, but also soft instrumental backing that provides a wonderful and deep feel to the music that is heightened by the mix of low and high notes of the lead guitar section. Truly a masterful piece of work worthy of recognition by the whole world. Interested? Grab a cup of tea (or coffee depending on preference), sit back, and relax to this marvelous cinematic style SAMA Award winner for best instrumental. And quite right too.


YOUTUBE needs you…..


This is an article praising the already popular use of YOUTUBE and its many users. Whether it be video-blogging, performing musically, independent film makers or just somebody venting about things they dislike. YOUTUBE has become one of the most successful forms of advertising yourself in the world. Since the internet was first created people have been advertising there businesses and trades for the whole world to see. Now a days whether it be FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, or some other website that you can use to share your thoughts, the internet has provided an incredibly easy and fast way to advertise yourself and whatever it is that you do. My favorite way to do this, made obvious by this blog is YOUTUBE. Never before has there been so many Kodak moments all gathered in one place. Nor have there ever been so many unsigned and unrecognized talented musicians. The 60s had The old grey whistle test, the 70s had Top of the pops, the 80s had The Tube, and where would the 90s have been without MTV. We have the internet generation and YOUTUBE. Only this time we get to see the ones who are completely self produced and 100 percent dedicated to their music. Like many people my age, growing up with the music on the television became quite dull and boring. Rehashes of music that we had all heard before. Not much was produced with an original style. Which is why youtube needs you. Anybody who knows they can do better, or even just somebody looking for something different. There are millions of musicians on YOUTUBE, but there are not many who are as recognized as the pop or rock stars on the television. This is an injustice. There should be festivals dedicated to the unknown YOUTUBE musician. Albums released by there name. Magazines devoted to the pure unheard of who are sat in there bedrooms working their asses off for just a few more video hits. We should be watching ‘VH1 I remember the great YOUTUBE’rs’ instead of ‘VH1 I remember that pop trash’. It is time for the real music lovers of the world to show the next generation how it is done. Make video-blogs about your favorite artists, write music, show off your skills. And above all, most importantly, do your own thing and don’t let anybody tell you that different is wrong. Click this link and search for anything. Who knows you may just find your next favorite band.

By James Parker

Guy Buttery – Music with a difference

In my last post I mentioned cinematic music. One of my personal favorite styles of music as a guitar and movie fanatic is any guitar style that can make you feel like you are the main star of your own personal movie. This next artist does not fail to deliver this feeling. Guy Buttery, a South African acoustic guitarist who experiments with various tuning and techniques to create an atmospheric sound that could send even the most unimaginative of people into their sub conscious. As somebody who reading this would already be a self proclaimed expert in their favorite styles of music or guitar playing, I’m sure you can recognize music with a difference when you here it. This man is certainly not your typical acoustic guitar player strumming his way through a rhythm section as so many often do. His style is reminiscent of artists such as Newton Faulkner, and Mark Kroos who I reviewed in my first post. He has been reviewed by guitar player magazine USA and performs regularly around the world collaborating with all kinds of musicians. Early influences of Guy Buttery include The Doors, Led Zeppelin and Bob Dylan. A terrific music collection to start a illustrious career I hope you agree. He then later went on to study jazz as it states in his official website. Guy Buttery has released one collaboration, two compilation, and four solo albums in his career so far. I highly recommend this guitarist to anyone looking for a technical yet relaxing melodic guitar style. When it comes to the cinematic element of his music, I think that many of the guitarists or musicians reading this will agree that this is not something that is easily done in music. Especially not when its just one man and a guitar. Guy Buttery successfully brings the cinematic quality with considerable skill and ease it would seem proving himself as a master of the acoustic guitar. Definitely one to add to your favorites playlist, Guy Buttery will make a very large improvement to anybodies music collection over powering everything else you have ever heard with the most atmospheric guitar you have never heard.

By James Parker

Who is Harsha???

Have you ever discovered a musician that nobody knows or cares about other than you? I’m sure that everybody has at least one in their itunes or CD collection. There are many musicians throughout history whose lives are a mystery. Robert Johnson, Ralf Hutter, to name only a couple. I never thought I would ever be so interested in somebody who I can literally find nothing on. Apart from this youtube page. I came across this while searching for my next youtube guitarist to review. I cannot find any links to a website nor can I find any trace of this man on the internet. His youtube page only contains two videos. One a live cover of master of puppets by Metallica, and the other a recording of an original composition called Reflections which I shall be reviewing today. It is indeed a shame that there is nothing else by Harsha on this channel as Reflections is an expertly written classical composition and I am sure that many of us guitar and music fans would have enjoyed more from this artist. Some of the comments on the youtube page even agree with me on that fact. When listening to this track I feel as though it belongs in a film. It has a certain cinematic quality that is apparent in a lot of well played classical music. There is a description on the video that states that this song marks the beginning of a musical journey. I do hope that we get to see the rest of that journey soon. For anyone who plays classical guitar and enjoys classical music this is definitely a must have for your collection. The fact that there isn’t much else by this artist gives it such an air of mystery that I keep getting drawn back to it now and then. Perhaps this mystery element is what Harsha had intended on. If that is the case then this has worked incredibly well. If this was not the idea then I do hope that we here more from this classical composer soon as reflections is a beautifully mastered piece of music showing off a wonderful guitar player. If anybody agrees with me after clicking the video link at the top of the article and can indeed find anything else by this artist, please alert others so that we may find and listen to more of this wonderfully crafted classical work that rivals even the most successful and well recognized of the classical guitar scene.

By James Parker

Steve Baker, Session guitarist. Online???

(Photographs taken from

Whilst on my weekly search of new and interesting guitarists, I found something which I did not expect to find outside a music studio or an agent’s office. An online session guitarist. Steve Baker is an online session guitarist with over 20 years of experience in the music industry. His youtube account shows examples of his work live and studio. Following the link to his blog I was very taken in by his professionalism. As an aspiring musician and music journalist I thought it a very intelligent way to promote yourself and find professional work using the internet. Even at first glance without watching any of the videos it is made very obvious how experienced and professional Steve Baker is. A virtuoso boasting many styles and skills, the most unique part about him is his style of business. There is a section on his blog called how it works in which he explains his very innovative and easy to use style of business. He has contact details to en-quire about his services as a session guitarist with information about payment and the various formats that he will send the guitar parts to you as you decided if they need to be changed or improved on in anyway. While going through his videos I realized that this is a very accomplished guitarist who is well skilled in multiple genres and style of music. Baker can also produce and master music at a top studio Quality. If any of you need a session player with direct links to the music industry check out this youtube page and blog. It is to my understanding that finding work as a session musician can be incredibly difficult even in big cities such as London or New York. In order to become a session musician in the first place you need a lot of contacts, and a vast knowledge of styles, genres and the music industry. In my opinion, using the internet to its limit in order to make a living in times of worldwide recession is a very smart move. A sign of a great musician is somebody who shows true dedication to his trade. This is shown here with a great understanding of the business and a high level of skill. For anybody interested, links to his wordpress and youtube are placed throughout the article.

By James Parker

Afterthought – Has anybody else noticed Steve Bakers shirt in the first picture above? Says Bob Marley, but looks suspiciously like Hendrix…

Dr Matt Warnock

If ever you find it hard to afford the money for guitar lessons, then Dr Matt Warnock’s youtube page is definitely for you. Although specializing mainly in jazz, Warnocks expertise spans across many genres explaining how you can use jazz progressions in modern music and become an expert guitar player. I even picked up my guitar and took a few of the video lessons myself. I found them to be very informative, fun and easy to understand. Dr Matt Warnock even shows off his skills in a playlist entitled ‘solo guitar tunes’ in which he plays two compositions. I have included one in this review which is called ‘Stella by Starlight’ and it shows just how haunting and diverse jazz guitar can be. His website includes the notations and tabs for everything that he teaches so whether you learn by ear, tab, or sheet music Warnock accommodates for all. He also travels around teaching in his own classes and provides online lessons as arranged by the student. Truly a master of his craft, I would recommend this man to anyone no matter how advanced a guitarist to improve or learn new skills. I personally am going to continue learning from these videos as I have always found jazz guitar difficult to understand, until I stumbled across Warnock’s youtube page of course. Jazz is highly recognized as one of the most diverse and difficult styles to play on any instrument. Watching Matt Warnock’s videos makes it look so easy and is very well explained in his video tutorials. His style is very reminiscent of jazz players such as Django Reinhardt, Wes Montgomery and Joe Pass. The bio on his official website states that he has been awarded degrees from McGill University in Montreal and Western Michigan University. Warnock proves himself to be a true professional and a very accomplished musician, a very hard thing to become in todays modern music industry with competition being so high. Matt Warnock is living proof that Jazz is very much still alive today as it ever was back when it was new. I look forward to seeing work from his students in the not too distant future as I am sure that with his guidance we have a lot of very talent song writers, guitarists and musicians to look forward to. Click on any of the links or videos provided to see what I mean when I say that Jazz is not dead.

By James Parker

Mark Kroos

What ever music you may be interested in, nobody can deny that a man playing a double neck guitar using one hand on each neck playing his own rhythm and lead sections is impressive. There have been thousands of guitarists over the years, indeed most styles of music will feature a guitar section of somekind. But the ones who really stand out are those who bring something truly unique to the instrument. Mark Kroos is a truly unique musician proving that there is just no end to what can be done with a guitar. Using primarily tapping to create a classical/folk style, Kroos has self-released two instrumental guitar albums, and has sponsorships from Ovation, D’Addario, Kyser Kapos, and Planet waves cables. His albums tend to follow a theme. For example, on his latest album, ‘Down along the lines of joy’, Kroos uses repeated melodies that repeat at certain intervals in several tracks in order to symbolise that joy always remains in the heart. His website states that he is one of the only people in the world touring his trade. Although touring mainly in the United States of america, many videos can be found of his live shows on his youtube account. Ideally it would be truly amazing to see him perform live in the UK as we have many venues that would cater to his style and wonderful performances. He is very diverse on both single neck and double neck guitars. Above is a video link to one of my favorite tracks by Kroos called Smoke and Mirrors. I first discovered this track while searching for acoustic guitarists that I could learn from to improve my own skill as a musician. However I do not think that I can measure up to the beauty of this music. Click and watch if your interested in something relaxing, a little different, and truly sensational. There are certain musicians in the world where it confuses me as to why they have not received more fame or recognition with their work. Maybe its through lack of commercialism, or maybe its just a case of people not looking deep enough into the music industry. In my own personal opinion, I cannot see why Mark Kroos has not been signed to a Major record label yet. For those of you who have never heard of him go visit his youtube page and experience the pure talent that is the legendary Mark Kroos.

By James Parker